The Mary Kay Way

One of my favorite books is by Mary Kay. She managed to build an empire when many thought it was impossible, a waste of time. But through hard work and perseverance she managed to accomplish what was seemingly impossible by some.

Two of the most powerful teachings I received from the book were: the importance of follow through and treating others with kindness and respect.

Follow through is so important in a day and age where people are constantly overwhelmed, assaulted with information, new strategies, shiny objects and more!

How often do you start something only to be onto the new thing in just 2 weeks?

I know it’s happened to me before, and honestly it’s something I need to focus quite diligently on to stay out of that trap. Focus on one thing, work it and follow through. You will get much more out of doing one, single thing with 100% commitment and focus as opposed to ten things all scatter brained and going in numerous directions.

If you’re interested in a quick summary on the main points of the book, take a look at this video I found on YouTube. If it interests you check it out on amazon.