Learn From The Successful

Do you resent those who have success? Do you resent people with money and wealth?

Well, stop it right now!

Seriously, if you criticize and hate on those who are successful and wealthy how do you think you can ever reach their level of success?

Usually, a hater can never become successful. Can you name one successful person who just hates on other people? I can’t.

Most of what you dislike about successful or the rich or whoever has just been programmed into your mind through repetition or feeling from your parents, your school, your friends, the media. Most of it wasn’t consciously decided on by you. Take a stand. Think for yourself.

Do you really want to live the rest of your life sabotaging yourself because you unconsciously believe having money is bad, or rich people are crooks?

Here’s a 10 minute exercise for you. Brainstorm as many reasons as you can on why it would be positive and great to have money and have millions of dollars.


Things like:

  • I can help my parents if they ever have health problems or need daily in home care
  • I can give to worthy causes I care greatly about
  • I can provide my family with the best food, education and housing


Quit blaming rich people for your problems. Quit blaming the government that you are out of a job. Quit blaming others for you not having your success and take responsibility.

You and only you are in control of what happens to you and to your life.

Get it together. Wake up. If you want success you need new mindsets and new habits, action and rituals to get you there. You do it little by little, you don’t wake up one day and you magically have all this abundance and willpower and energy and skills to put to work towards attaining greatness.

Star with what you have because one day you won’t have anything.