Appliance Repair for Common Refrigerator Issues

Nearly all homes have a refrigerator because it plays a vital role in the kitchen. Whenever it is damaged, you need to get it fixed in the next few hours before the food stuff goes to waste. Even though some appliance repairs can be solved by the owner, it is advisable to hire a professional appliance repairman. This gives you peace of mind because you can rest assured of a high-quality job, without unwelcoming surprises down the line.

There are several refrigerator problems, but the following four are the most common ones. A few of them may not need an expert if you have some basic skills to tackle them, but use an expert whenever necessary.

refrigerator repairRefrigerator Will Not Start

Starting problems may be as a result of overheating of the overload relay. When you realize there is a clicking sound while the fans are running, but the compressor cannot start, it indicates the overload relay is overheating. Some modern refrigerators may have combined overload relay with a start capacitor attached to the overload relay assembly. The start capacitor enhances starting by providing higher voltage onto the compressor windings. If the start capacitor is not working appropriately, the compressor will not start. Defective electronic control board, cold control, and temperature control may also cause compressor not to start. However, in case the compressor is faulty, you need to hire an expert to handle the repair work.

Noisy Refrigerator

Frost free refrigerators have a condenser fan that cools the condenser coil by circulating air through it, as well as evaporating defrost water from the drain pan. If the motor of the condenser fan is not working properly, it may cause noise within the appliance. Sometimes the noise may be originating from the freezer region, implying that the evaporator fan motor might not be operating normally. If you hire a repairman, he will inform you the exact source of the problem, and recommend the best solution.


Refrigerators doors have seals or gaskets that create an airtight seal when the door is closed. Damaged seals cause moisture to form along the door edge because air is leaking, leading to water leakages. When gaskets are damaged, it is advisable to replace them. In some other cases, water leakages may be caused by leaking water inlet valve. If you have a water dispenser or an ice maker, probably the inlet valve might be causing leakages if not well tightened. If the leakage does not stop after tightening, it’s nice to replace the connectors, valve body, or outlet tubing if they have cracks.

Too Warm

The air inlet damper is responsible for balancing airflow from the evaporator unit. It controls the amount of cold air entering the fresh food section, and if it is damaged, not enough cold air will be entering the compartment. The air damper housing has a Styrofoam lining and a seal to prevent air leakage. Therefore, it is ideal to hire a qualified technician to inspect the housing to prevent damage to the seal.